ARTAS Consultation

artas washington dcDuring the ARTAS consultation, our physicians and staff will use the ARTAS Hair Studio Technology to create a customized hair transplant design as a 3D model based on your personal photographs.

Different aesthetic outcomes require different graft numbers, distribution and placement of your transplanted hair. Using ARTAS Hair Studio, you will see the optimal number of grafts and hairline design needed to meet your expectations. During the ARTAS Consultation, you will be able to visualize potential results if your grafts are placed in different areas of your scalp and how increasing your hair fullness and improving your hairline design will change your appearance.

Men who decide to have a hair transplant benefit from understanding what is realistic and reasonable given their degree of thinning or baldness, facial structure, age and desired result. With the guidance of our physicians during your ARTAS consultation, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding your treatment.

Blood Tests

Depending on your medical history and hair loss pattern, our physicians may require blood tests to determine if an underlying medical condition is contributing to your hair loss.

Scalp Biospy

A scalp biopsy may be performed if another form of hair loss is suspected. Autoimmune and scarring diseases can target the hair and cause hair loss. The treatment of these conditions differs from male and female patterned hair loss. Our physicians will carefully select the area of the scalp to be biopsy to minimize any visible scarring.

Digital Trichoscopy

Hair loss is a slowly, progressive condition that causes hair follicles to shorten and miniaturize.  In fact, “hair miniaturization” is a more accurate description rather than hair loss!

Any physician who treats hair loss must have a tool to document and measure the changes in the size of the hair follicle.  Most medical treatments cause the hair follicles to enlarge slowly over time so sophisticated tools need to document the hair diameter improvement. Our physicians use a digital hair imaging device (trichoscope) that captures 30x magnification pictures of the hair.  This device is used as a diagnostic and treatment monitoring tool. It is used to diagnose male patterned hair loss by documenting >20% variability in hair size.

artas washington dc360 (degree) Photography

Since male patterned hair loss is slowly progressive over years, comprehensive photography is needed to monitor in progression and response to medical and/or surgical therapy.  Hair loss treatments often take months before any benefit is appreciated which make it difficult for patients to appreciate the changes.  Precise before and after photos are critical to track patient progress.  Our practice has a dedicated photo studio and multiple cameras available for use in patient and surgical rooms.