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The ARTAS Robotic Procedure uses your own permanent growing hair from the back and sides of your head. before artas Because the robot selectively harvests individual hair groupings rather than removing a large area of scalp requiring sutures, there is minimal scarring in the donor area. Hair can be worn fashionably short, or in longer styles, whatever you prefer. You’re not limited by having to cover scarring from strip surgery.

The ARTAS Robotic System uses its computer-assisted robotic arm and digital mapping to pinpoint hair groupings as they naturally grow in the donor area. This process provides our physicians with microscopic precision to extract donor hair without injuring the hair follicles.



3 months post artas

Prior to procedure:

Trimming your hair in the donor area allows the ARTAS System to accurately visualize, track and harvest each grouping of hairs. You will receive instructions on having your hair cut shorter in preparation for your ARTAS Robotic Procedure. Our staff can also help direct your to local hair stylists who can create a pre-post transplant hair style.

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