PicoSure advanced, effective laser tattoo removal

PicoSure laser technology is the newest most advanced laser treatment for Tattoo Removal. The PicoSure laser provides a major breakthrough in tattoo removal by helping to clear notoriously stubborn colors quicker and more effectively than other laser technologies. Most green and blue tattoos can be completely removed in as few as one to three PicoSure [...]

Choosing the Best Laser Treatment

Which laser treatment is best for me? If you want the best outcome from laser treatment, “Which laser is best for me?’ is the wrong question to ask. The best laser treatment results are achieved by using a combination of lasers to treat your skin concerns or conditions.  The question should be: “What laser combination [...]

What are spider and varicose veins?

Spider and varicose veins are simply enlarged veins, but can be extremely unsightly. With 50 percent of women in the United States suffering from them, they can be a result of genetics, pregnancy and/or hormonal changes. http://www.skinlaser.com/laser-treatments/varicose-and-spider-vein-treatment-washington-dc/

Dr. Alster, as quoted in Oprah’s “Val Answers Your Top Skincare Questions”


Tips For Looking Hot, But Staying Cool

Want to look hot, but stay cool this weekend? Try these tricks from Allure!