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Hyaluronic acid is a basic element in connective skin tissue. It is also found in bodily fluids like spinal fluid and the eye’s aqueous humor. Hyaluronic acid has a hydrophilic quality–it has the ability to draw and hold water. It helps to nourish and moisturize the skin. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid in the skin, like collagen, diminishes as we age.

The success of hyaluronic acid depends on its natural source and on its ability to attract water. Because it is natural, it integrates smoothly into the skin with a minimum of side effects. Most people experience only minor swelling. It is also harmlessly absorbed into the body over time. However, it gives long-lasting results because as some of the hyaluronic acid is absorbed, the remaining amount retains its volume by binding water. This allows hyaluronic acid to give long-lasting results that remain nearly constant for the entire period.

Since Restylane® was approved as the first hyaluronic-acid based filler in 2003, the market has exploded both among users and developers of cosmetic fillers. Now hyaluronic acid filler injections are the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the United States, after BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® injections.

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Dermal fillers in Washington, DC are commonly used for:

  • Facial folds and wrinkles: Dermal fillers are an excellent complement to BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® injections because they correct a different type of wrinkle. Combine the two treatments with laser skin resurfacing, and virtually all your wrinkles can be erased.
  • Restoring facial volume: As we age, our face naturally loses volume and what fat we have is often displaced by gravity. This gives the face a wan, tired appearance. Dermal fillers can be used to fill in areas that have lost volume, restoring a youthful fullness to your face.
  • Lip augmentation: The lips also tend to lose volume as we age, which is especially important to women. Thin lips can create an older, sterner appearance. Dermal fillers are great treatment for restoring volume to lips.
  • Facial reshaping: Some people do not have the facial shape they desire, and in many cases this can be at least partly corrected with dermal fillers which can give the appearance of higher cheekbones or a stronger chin.
  • Very Fine Lines: With BELOTERO®, the physician can inject the filler superficially to address very fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and cheeks.
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What Is the Difference between Restylane®, Perlane®, JUVÉDERM®XC and BELOTERO®?


Restylane, Perlane, Juvéderm and Belotero in Washington, DC are all non-animal hyaluronic acid (NAHA) fillers. Because they are not derived from animals, no allergy testing is necessary before you receive treatment with these hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Chemically, they are very similar, but structurally, they are very different. Restylane was the first NAHA filler developed, and it is composed of small particles. Perlane is similar to Restylane, but it has a larger particle size. Juvéderm is different: it is manufactured as a smooth gel. The theory is that the particles in Perlane and Restylane give them more lifting power, so they can be injected into deeper tissue and provide better results on deep folds, whereas the smooth gel of Juvéderm is easier to inject and causes less tissue irritation. Juvéderm Ultra is a Juvéderm variation that is thicker.



In Washington, DC at Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, we recommend:

Restylane® for nasolabial folds, for persistent hollows under the eyes, and for tear troughs.

Perlane® is good for people with deep nasolabial folds or who need significant volume restored to their cheeks.

JUVÉDERM® XC, we recommend for lip augmentation and nasolabial folds, especially for people who are receiving injections for the first time because it causes less swelling.

BELOTERO®, we recommend for very fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

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Restylane®, Perlane®, JUVÉDERM®XC, BELOTERO® Results

The only common side effect of Restylane®, Perlane®, JUVÉDERM® XC is swelling at the injection sites which can last 1-3 days, and is not something that everyone experiences. You may be aware of the filler at first, but this will pass quickly. As soon as the swelling goes down, the results of your treatment will be apparent. Your wrinkles, folds, and hollows will be significantly reduced. They may even be erased. Your results should last for about six months or more.

Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC holds a Diamond rating with Allergan the makers of JUVÉDERM® XC, is part of the Platinum Club with Restylane®/Perlane® and Expert Physician with RADIESSE®. Doctors in Washington, DC on K Street at Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery participated in phase III FDA trials for the approval of Botox for cosmetic use, and our practice has been selected as a national training center for physician instruction in Botox® Cosmetic treatment, as well as advanced Restylane injection technique. Dr. Tina Alster is on the advisory board of Medicis, the company that distributes Restylane®, Perlane® and DYSPORT®, as well as Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM® XC, and LATISSE® .

Whether you have deep facial folds, sunken cheeks, hollows under your eyes, or narrow lips, hyaluronic acid based fillers can help. To see the great results that have made these treatments popular, schedule a facial rejuvenation consultation at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC today. We participate in Brilliant Distinctions in Washington, DC and other customer loyalty programs. Be sure to ask about special promotions when you schedule your consultation!


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