Hair Growth Products

rogaine washington dcThe first line of defense against hair loss is the nightly use of minoxidil. Minoxidil encourages hair growth in the new strands of hair, and for them to stay on the head longer. Patients who notice decreased density or thinning hair should start using minoxidil at the first sign of thinning. Our practice has developed a 5% minoxidil solution that adds to prescription ingredients to enhance the absorption of minoxidil into the thinning hairs.




propecia washington dcFinasteride inhibits the actions of the hormone DHT, the key hormone responsible hair loss. This medication is an oral tablet taken daily that is extremely effective at stopping or slowly hair loss.  Our physicians will review the risks and benefits of this medication and help decide if it is the best option for your hair loss.




Viviscal Professional is a scientifically formulated medicinal grade vitamin supplement for hair loss. Viviscal provides nutrients to promote healthy hair growth. Its ingredients are backed by scientific research and have been subjected to clinical trials to document their efficacy. These supplements are designed to nourish the hair follicles helping to increase hair diameter and to prolong the growing phase of the hair growth cycle.


nugeneHair Care
It is important to use the right haircare products that avoid irritation and assist in hair growth. Our physicians will recommend appropriate haircare products that minimize irritation and encourage new hair growth. Our haircare recommendation will be tailored to your hair type and hair loss pattern.