Choosing The Best Laser Treatment

 Choosing The Best Laser Treatment

Which laser treatment is best for me?

If you want the best outcome from laser treatment, “Which laser is best for me?’ is the wrong question to ask. The best laser treatment results are achieved by using a combination of lasers to treat your skin concerns or conditions. The question should be: “What laser combination is best for me?”

An experienced board-certified dermatologist with specialty training in lasers is the best person to determine what lasers should be used and in what order to maximize the effect. “The doctors with the most experience will have several machines and can be choosy about which laser and in what order to use them,” says Dr. Tina Alster. “I often use two or more lasers in a single treatment session. For instance, if someone has red or raised scars, I might use a pulsed dye laser (PDL) to reduce the redness and bulkiness/stiffness of the scars, and then follow immediately with a fractionated laser to improve the skin surface texture. For fat reduction, I generally use one device to destroy the fat and another to tighten the overlying skin.” Dr. Tina Alster and the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery design and participate in the clinical studies for many lasers and, as a result, not only have the most advanced lasers and devices available worldwide, but also the most experience with those systems.

Why not go to a med spa?

It may or may not be cheaper, but it definitely is not as safe as going to a board-certified experienced dermatologist. A good doctor will screen you in advance as well as monitor you along the way to check on your reaction to the laser treatment and adjust your treatment accordingly. “Every day I have at least one person who presents to my office with a side effect or complication that could have been prevented if the right laser had been chosen or the right follow-up had been conducted,” says Dr. Alster. “You have to understand the specific laser-tissue interactions to optimize the clinical effect.”

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