Dr. Tina Alster's Shaving Tips

 Dr. Tina Alster's Shaving Tips

For many women, getting a good shave can be a little hit or miss. You might wonder why you don’t always get a smooth result. Here are Dr. Tina Alster’s tips which will help you get a smoother, safer shave:

1. Prior to shaving, moisten the skin with warm water to soften the outer layer of skin in order to make shaving easier. The use of shaving cream also reduces skin abrasion and irritation.

2. Make sure to apply an unscented, alcohol-free moisturizer after shaving in order to reduce skin dryness/irritation.

3. Don’t shave against the grain- Always use a clean razor and shave in the direction of hair growth in order to avoid nicks or ingrown hairs.

4. Do not exert excess pressure- gentle gliding action only.

5. Do not reuse disposable razors and/or store razors improperly–Clean razor with hot water and dry completely. Store the razor in a clean, dry location to avoid bacterial overgrowth. Replace old blades (if used 5-7 times) and throw away disposable razors after each use.

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