Gain Respect of Your Constituents with Confidence in Your Appearance. We Can Help

Room of constituents clapping Gain Respect of Your Constituents with Confidence in Your Appearance. We Can Help

Confidence counts for everything when it comes to winning people over. And if you feel less than confident around your constituents, it will show. From skin concerns like wrinkles to dark spots that can quickly age your appearance, you might be feeling self-conscious on the campaign trail. But fear not – there are dermatological options for you! Here are a few.

Dermatological Options to Boost Confidence

Dermatology Injections

One of the best cosmetic treatments for wrinkles is an injectable – whether that be Botox or a dermal filler. Injectables have been quite popular and widely used in the dermatology world for several years. These cosmetic treatments are very effective, take minimal time to get, and provide quick results.

The Botox line works by targeting and “relaxing” the muscles around the affected area – usually the glabellar lines between the eyebrows or creases in the forehead. Using clostridium botulinum, a neurotoxin that causes muscle paralysis, the skin eventually smoothes over without the constant contraction from squinting, smiling, or frowning. Results are typically visible within a week post-treatment and last, for most, an average of three to five months.

Other injectable brands under the dermal filler umbrella use hyaluronic acid to stimulate the skin cells, hydrating and plumping them. This provides almost instant fullness to areas like the lips and cheeks. Many people notice that lipstick goes on smoother after a dermal filler and sagging cheeks look firmer and younger. If you haven’t tried them before, dermatology injections are a great place to start to quickly, affordably give your appearance a boost without downtime.

Concerning Skin Spots

Another common skin concern that can quickly show your age when interacting with others is dark spots on the skin. Most often, these spots are a result of spending time in the sun. Sun spots (also called lentigos because of their resemblance to lentils) can look more like a small smattering of freckles or a larger tan or brown round spot.

Since sun spots are clusters of melanin – the naturally occurring substance that gives skin its pigment – they can be targeted and treated with lasers. Laser cosmetic treatments break up the melanin and cause the sun spots to dissipate and eventually fade. If you’re worried about concerning skin spots on your face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and other areas exposed to the public, consider talking to your dermatologist about a laser treatment for them.

It’s also crucial to get these spots checked by a dermatologist to ensure that they’re not early signs of skin cancer. If you’re not already receiving an annual skin cancer screening, it’s time to start. Melanoma and carcinomas can develop rapidly and be potentially fatal. A board-certified dermatologist can help with early detection, which is the most critical element of successful treatment.

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