Important Event to Attend? How PicoWay Can Safely Remove Your Unwanted Tattoo

Laser tattoo removal on a lower back Important Event to Attend? How PicoWay Can Safely Remove Your Unwanted Tattoo

Perhaps in the past you got a tattoo (or multiple) that you’d rather not have on your skin anymore. It happens. And sometimes, it’s not until a special event or a circumstance in your professional life that you start looking into tattoo removal methods. When it comes to laser tattoo removal, here’s why the popular PicoWay treatment might be your perfect solution.

What to Know About PicoWay Tattoo Removal

What Is PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

PicoWay is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared laser treatment for the removal of tattoos. It’s extremely effective, especially on multicolored tattoos. PicoWay can even remove tattoos in as little as three to six treatments, which is roughly half the time it takes for other laser tattoo removal methods.

Even better, PicoWay isn’t just used to treat unwanted tattoos. It can also remove pigmented lesions, reduce acne scars, and even minimize wrinkles. The PicoWay laser utilizes picosecond (one trillionth of a second) pulse durations to generate ultra-short pulses with very high peak powers of laser energy on the skin. As a result, a strong photo-mechanical impact occurs that fractures tattoo ink or pigment particles in the skin.

The PicoWay laser uses a photoacoustic method, as opposed to other lasers that use photothermal approaches that heat the skin and can lead to damage and scars. As the layers underneath the skin’s surface respond to these short pulses, they simultaneously produce collagen and elastin, which can help smooth wrinkles and reduce acne scars.

What Can I Expect from PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

First, keep in mind that several sessions will likely be needed to fully remove the tattoo or pigmented lesion. But PicoWay’s laser technology ensures that the number of treatments will be fewer than other tattoo removal methods out there. You can also rest assured that skin “ghosting” (or light discoloration where the tattoo used to be) won’t happen with a PicoWay treatment. So even if you’ve tried other laser tattoo removal methods, you can still get complete results with PicoWay.

Additionally, unlike other laser tattoo removal treatments, PicoWay’s laser will not overheat the skin. Therefore, there is little downtime associated with the treatment. You can return to your normal activities immediately following a PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment. The mild recovery period typically lasts a few days to as long as a week after a PicoWay treatment session, but it simply involves leaving the treated skin covered with a bandage to protect it from the sun.

Each PicoWay treatment session only lasts about 30 minutes, whether you’re looking for tattoo removal or trying to treat wrinkles, remove pigmented lesions, or reduce acne scars. The PicoWay laser treatment is administered by a board-certified physician, who can recommend how many treatment sessions will be needed for full tattoo removal. The majority of tattoos take between three and six sessions (or sometimes more) spaced out at one to two month time intervals in order to fully fade. With this in mind, it’s important to start PicoWay when you know you’ll be able to complete a full series of treatments for six months to over a year.

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