Is It Safe to Opt for Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Skin Marks?

Woman having skin marks treated Is It Safe to Opt for Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Skin Marks?

Many people have some form of hyperpigmentation, whether it takes the form of stretch marks, birthmarks, freckles, or more. And if you’ve had excess exposure to sun, dark sun spots can appear on the skin as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of laser treatment options on the market. Let’s talk through a few and find out whether they’re safe for your skin.

What to Know About Laser Treatment for Skin Marks

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

The dermatological term hyperpigmentation basically means any discoloration of the skin that results in a darker skin tone than the skin surrounding the affected area. This might look like small patches of brown or cherry-colored skin, freckles or spots, birthmarks, or even stretch marks. Many people are born with birthmarks, while stretch marks can appear over time with age, pregnancy, or weight gain or loss. Additionally, sunspots can commonly show up on the skin with increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays over years.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the excess production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is what gives skin its pigment, so if there is more than necessary, this can result in darker patches, spots, lines, and more. Generally speaking, hyperpigmentation is nothing to worry about from a medical standpoint, but it can wreak havoc on one’s self esteem or ability to feel confident. However, with the advent of laser treatments and increased laser technology, there are many options for diminishing or eliminating these concerns.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

One of the most popular lasers for stretch marks is the line of lasers from a brand called Fraxel. Fraxel can be used on wrinkles, acne and other scars, stretch marks, sun spots, and even blotchy or unevenly toned skin. Best of all, it’s safe to use just about anywhere on the body, so regardless of where your skin concerns are, they may be able to be treated effectively with Fraxel.

This laser is considered non-ablative, so it doesn’t actually remove the top layer of skin. Fraxel laser treatment for stretch marks and other skin issues works by applying controlled amounts of focused heat into deeper layers of the skin than just on the surface. It stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which help rejuvenate the skin and cause marks to fade. Multiple treatments are typically needed, but there is little to no recovery time with Fraxel laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Birthmarks and Sunspots

Another popular laser treatment option especially for brown spots like brown birthmarks or sun spots is the PicoWay laser, which is an FDA-cleared laser treatment for the removal of pigmented lesions as well as tattoos. It generates ultra-short pulses with very high peak powers of laser energy on the skin to fracture and dissipate the appearance of concentrated pigment.

When it comes to laser stretch mark removal options like Fraxel, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a knowledgeable and experienced provider to administer the treatment safely. Don’t hesitate to ask for a visual portfolio or testimonials from other patients.

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