Female Patterned Hair Loss

Female patterned hair loss is different than male hair loss because of its pattern and response to treatment. Female Patterned Hair Loss presents with diffuse thinning (loss of hair volume) over the middle of the scalp with minimal or no change to the hairline. Female Patterned Hair Loss (or FPHL) is the most common cause of hair loss in women and approximately one-third of adult Caucasian women experience hair loss. The psychological impact of FPHL profound since hair loss in women is usually unexpected and unwelcome at any age.

An extensive metabolic and endocrinological work-up is not necessary unless a history of menstrual disturbance, impaired fertility and other signs suggest another cause driving the hair loss.

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Several medications, including topical minoxidil, may be used in the treatment of female pattern hair loss. Office based procedures such as low level light therapy and PRP injections have shown promise in female pattern hair loss. Although not as commonly performed as in male pattern baldness, hair transplantation should be considered in advanced cases.

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