Sun Damage

Sun spots (lentigos) are related to accumulated sun damage of the skin over one’s lifetime. Freckles, similar to sun spots, indicate the skin’s defensive response to sun exposure. Although freckles are often considered cute on children, many adults dislike the appearance of their freckled skin. These spots contribute to the aged appearance of sun-damaged skin.

The appearance of both sun spots and freckles can be diminished with pigment-specific lasers. If you want to reduce the appearance of these, schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dermatologists at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.

Lentigos (Sun Spots)
Sun spots are also called lentigos because of their resemblance to lentils, which are small, tan/brown, and round/oval in shape. They are the result of accumulated sun damage of the exposed areas of skin, particularly the face, chest, armband hands. They increase in number and size with age, depending on the person’s skin and the amount of sunlight a person has been subjected to over the years.

The familiar freckle is a small tan spot that appears on the exposed skin of fair-skinned, light-haired people as a protective response to sunlight. People are born with the tendency to freckle, although no one is actually born with freckles. The spots usually appear in early childhood, after exposure of the skin to sun.

Freckles and sun spots have to be carefully evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist before treatment since some types of skin cancers are very similar in appearance. Pigment-specific lasers can be used to reduce the brown color of these lesions.

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