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The First Free-Standing
Laser Center In the World

The Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery was the first private practice in the world exclusively dedicated to advanced laser skin treatments. It was founded by "Laser Queen" Dr. Tina Alster in 1990. We have built our practice over the years on a simple formula: We combine the most advanced technology and extensive expertise with an unfailing commitment to providing the highest levels of patient care. Our clinical team is an expert in every facet of the skin and can provide a wide range of dermatologic and cosmetic services. Every aspect of our practice was developed to ensure that our patients have the best possible experience. Our clinic is comfortable, and our staff is highly professional and discrete. Our patients deserve nothing less.

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"Leading the industry since opening its doors in 1990, the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery is committed to providing patients with world-class treatment. Regarded as a leading expert in the field of laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Tina Alster is often asked to serve as a local and national media source. Working alongside Dr. Alster is Dr. Neelam Khan, who brings her passion for dermatology and a holistic approach to aesthetics to help deliver the most advanced technologies and treatment protocols."

Meet The Physicians

Featured Treatments


Laser treatment to treat brown spots and dyspigmentation.


Body contouring treatment to freeze and dissolve fat cells.


Medical device treatment to treat scarring and wrinkles.


Injectable treatment to restore facial volume and reduce laxity.


When I hit my 30's I decided to step up my anti-aging game. I absolutely love the results I received from the first visit. What I thought would be one or two treatments, quickly resulted in me making an appointment every month for my face/neck fix. If you are looking for a great place to stay fresh then I suggest you make an appointment. You can't go wrong!

Last week I spent several hours receiving treatments of various types at Dr. Alster's practice. Everyone from beginning to end was extremely friendly, professional, and comforting. I am so pleased that I am sending a letter to their office today to thank everyone for making what could be a stressful visit so pleasant. Last but not least..they worked their magic and now I think I look great! Signed, Not Going Anywhere Else

I feel that I got more benefit from one appointment with Dr. Alster than from several years' worth of visits with other doctors.  She gave me a comprehensive plan to address my skin issues (brown spots, rosacea) beginning with a skincare routine, and progressing to laser treatments if I wish.  I was impressed at the array of tools she has at her disposal and the depth of experience that guides her use of them.

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Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery