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Brown Spots and Freckles

Many brown spots are sun spots (lentigos) and are related to accumulated sun damage of the skin over one’s lifetime. Freckles, similar to sun spots, indicate the skin’s defensive response to sun exposure. These spots contribute to the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Almost all of the abnormal brown patches and spots that people acquire as they age result from some change or malfunction in the process of pigment production and transfer. Such changes can be triggered or influenced by a number of factors. In addition to sun exposure, hormonal activity and drugs can also either stimulate or inhibit melanin synthesis, leading to brown patches and spots on the skin, including sun spots and freckles.

Possible Treatments


Fraxel Laser

Fraxel is a laser treatment that can improve the appearance of photodamaged skin (wrinkles and/or discoloration), as well as scarred skin by evening out skin texture and tone.



Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-ablative photorejuvenation treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of skin that has been affected by sun damage and aging, resulting in blotchy skin and fine lines.


Pigment Laser

The Picoway laser is a laser treatment that can be used to remove unwanted tattoos and improve the appearance of pigmented lesions, such as sun spots and brown birthmarks.

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